Susan Lincoln

In Defence of Beauty

made, Group Exhibition, SGAR, Spiro Grace Art Rooms, Spring Hill

Hydrangeas (in Blue) Wall Lights 2011,
Limited edition of 2
Materials:1920s Antique light, cast iron, molded glass, blue LEDs.
Dimensions: 38cm diameter x 20cm deep

Hydrangeas (in White) Light Box/Storage Unit 2011,
Limited Edition of 5
Materials: Acrylic, Digital Image (T. Netting) on Photographic Duratrans, Mirrored Vinyl.
Dimensions: 93cm l x 56cm h x 36cm d

Hydrangeas (in blue) Detail

Hydrangeas (in blue) detail

Hydrangeas (in white)

Image J Linkins 2011

Hydrangeas (in white)

Art Direction 2011

Hydrangeas (in white)

Art Direction Susan Lincoln 2011