Susan Lincoln

We Will See You All Soon

Still Life Noosa Regional Gallery
Mixed Media Installation

Materials: Lead Crystal, Mirrors, Sequins, Vinyl, Plastic (various), Acrylic, Lighting, Type C Photograph with Metallic finish, Reconstructed tree with Auto Finish, MDF with flat Auto Finish, Steel Frames, Muslin, Monofilament, Stainless Steel, Cast Ceramic with Auto Finish, Cast Ceramic with Phospherent Finish, Photographic Transparency, Portable Lighting,
Dimensions: Overall 12000 mm x 10000mm


2010, A. Kubler, Extract from Catalogue Essay "Still-Life"
Susan Lincoln is an artist who makes work that has, at its heart a deeply personal spirituality. In her complex installations that include sculptural, photographic and technological elements, she consciously attempts to capture a spiritual quality.